Client Testimonials

Liz Magnussen is professional, courteous, and a very dependable insurance agent. I have worked with her for almost 14 years now and highly recommend her. Not only does Liz provide consistently competitive rates and the best service available, but my job is made much easier due to her expertise knowledge. Liz is always extremely efficient and thorough in providing all the information I need in a timely and enjoyable fashion. I have even referred Magnussen Benefit Consultants to family members throughout the years because I knew Liz would look out for their best interest as well and provide them with the best coverage and information available.
- Stacy Kotsanis, Controller, The Casino

Liz Magnussen and Magnussen Benefit Consultants are excellent. I previously was working with another insurance brokerage, who mismanaged my application for coverage, as I wanted to add my wife to my plan. I was referred to Liz who not only directed me on how to best setup my plan, but she also was a strong advocate on my behalf when working with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I feel very comfortable working with Liz, knowing that she is on my side and that I am getting sound advice.
-Aaron Masliansky

If you’ve ever purchased insurance in the past and was left without a “warm and fuzzy” feeling, you probably weren’t talking with Liz Magnussen at Magnussen Benefits. To me, Insurance is personal and one of the most important decisions we must make. I trust Liz with my life—life insurance, homeowners, auto, umbrella and commercial as well! I don’t want just anyone knowing my business and I certainly don’t want some inexperienced “1-800-type” advising me on the my most precious investments. Take the challenge, I dare you. Call her, meet her, and I know you will entrust all your insurance needs with her, too. Magnussen is Magnificent!
-Maureen Malone Owner of Harvest Real Estate